Don't Indent Open Folder Icons

I’m always confused when I open a folder: Is that folder on the root level or is it within another folder? The problem occurrs because when you open the folder, the folder moves to the right, it indents, quite a bit. Even though it’s on the root level of my arrangement, it looks as if it is inside the folder above. This confuses the hell out of me and I don’t see any reason why an open folder should be indented that much.

Please remove indentation so it’s easier to see what level a folder really is.

In this screenshot, MAN and Mercedes folders are on the same level, Engine, Doors and Kneeling are sub-folders of Mercedes. In fact it looks like MAN is the parent folder and Mercedes, Engine, Doors are sub-folders of MAN.)

I have never felt that. Fascinating.
Probably because I always Color code tracks and folders. I would go bobbers if it was all grey.

I color code tracks too, but these are only folders. If they were all green it would not make any difference :wink: It’s a small thing and it would go a long way. For me there’s no reason to indent the icons in such a stupid way which makes the UI worse. Why? Just don’t indent and it makes all sense again.