Don't like visual treatment of master channel in new mixer

I really miss the visual treatment (right-justified) of the stereo out (master) channel. Even if I use the zones feature, which locks the stereo out channel to the right side of the window in a non-scrolling group, it’s still not cleanly justified to the right side of the mixer with a clean separation from the rest of the channels like it was in Cubase 6.

The same is mostly true of the left zone, commonly used for the input channels.

You can place the master on the right side, you need to learn how the mixer works, there is a thread right above your post with video on the mixer topic, you should watch it.


You should read my post. Placing it on the right is the zones feature I already mentioned. But it doesn’t right-justify it, leaving awkward space on the right side of the channel strip. And it doesn’t set it apart from the other channels like the old mixer did. The master fader is special and deserves special treatment. Zones needs an update.

Yes. I noticed the same: that the master channel - when locked right - doesn’t sit up tight to the master meter (if open).
Regardless of how you size the mixer there is a blank space there. Wasted screen, IMHO.

The mixer does put space between the right zoned strips, but only at certain zooms.

It seems to use up this “wasted” space when zooming, also at some zooms the right hand space is a lot less.

Maybe a bold line is needed to separate the strips zoned to the right.

Woah. I tried all kinds of zooms and didn’t get that behavior. Strange.

You’ve got to zoom all the way out, so there is no scroll bar at the bottom,

but it is the only zoom setting that does it