Don't recall "For Sale" signs being in the forum before

Don’t recall “For Sale” signs being in the forum before, so it got me wondering: do we have a hard firewall in the forum terms of use agreement to prevent large-scale commercial 3rd parties from spamming us with all their latest and greatest deals?

The forum is under essentially constant attack from the spammers you describe, each one that gets through the automated anti spam system is manually dealt with…

Wow, as I don’t recall more than 1 or 2 spam emails in as many years, that must be a lot of very intensive forum monitoring you guys are doing to be so successful in nabbing the rare one that sneaks through the filters!

I remember a lot of attacks. One of them posted zillions of messages for online bets and jewellery sales.

Yep me too. I expect moderators can delete a user and all his posts in 1 go though, so that should be fairly quick to clean up.

Those spammers are actual humans who, I imagine, get pennies per post they can make, so anti-spam measures in software don’t stop them. Posts are made from the same countries where they make cheap clothes. I think I would rather be spamming forums than working in a clothing factory, if I was in one of those countries.

The solution put in place after the big spam attacks in 2014 is pretty low tech actually - new members have to wait for manual approval of their first post. Slows things down for that first post, but makes for a spamless forum.