Don't solo the Cue Sends!

I cannot get this to work in CBP10. 4 Cue Sends to the musicians’s headphones. While tracking, I want to SOLO channels as they are playing to listen individually, BUT… I DO NOT WANT TO SOLO THEIR CUE SENDS. How do I get the mixconsole to NOT solo their cue sends? ALL my cue sends are PRE-FADER as they should be, correct?

In Preferences > VST > “Mute Pre-Send when Mute” is Unchecked. But this doesn’t seem to be the answer either. Still not working. And i tried SOLO DEFEAT, and THAT doesn’t even do what it is supposed to do.
Any ideas?

OK…I found out that this ONLY works with using Cue Sends on the actual individual channels, NOT GROUP CHANNELS. Basically, i have all band instruments routed to GROUP channels. And I only enable the Cue Sends for THOSE groups, NOT the individual channels. A lot easier to enable ONE cue send on a DRUM group channel than it is to have to turn on 12 Cue Sends for all the drum mic channels.
So, I know now that this works, but not the way i need it to. Question still remains, why can I NOT have my group channel Cue Sends NOT MUTE when i solo random channels?

I have to uncheck the “Mute Pre-Send when Mute” every time I start/re-start Cubase (in C9.5 - not tested in C10)… It bothered me for a long time, as I was 100% sure I had it unchecked (stored in my prefs, but don’t seem to “stick”).
So now I take a look in the prefs every time I am about to use the Cue Sends in a session.

Otherwise you can try the Listen Bus instead of the Solo…