Don't Think Twice 2011 Revision

Howdy folks. Remember the short-lived “Let’s mix a power ballad” thread? Well that went t1ts up due to the whole project panning itself left :laughing: I couldn’t repair the damage so I started again in C6. Here’s the latest mix:

For those interested: Compressor on the master channel, 30+ audio tracks, 10 or so group tracks, drums are EZ Drummer Ballad kit. Almost everything is eq’d, some instruments got extra compression cos they were naughty. Bit surgical on the guitar solo too as it got a bit piercing in places.

There’s no automation on this yet, just a few level tweaks so you can hopefully hear everything. There’s a piano in there, an organ, mellotron, rhythm and solo guitars, bass, full kit, …oh, and a vocal by me :smiley:

Think that’s it. Anyway, let me know what you think. Any suggestions are welcome as always :sunglasses:

kind of a heavy beatlesque progression and sound to it that I liked.

Cheers Bob, good of you to stop by :sunglasses:

Beatlesque, I like that description. Good one.

I find myself really liking this song! :slight_smile:

And here’s what I’d be doing with the mix…
The main big fat distorted guitar seems too forward relative to everything else…so push it back OR bring the most of the other elements forward! Vocals up a few notches. Quite a good ‘character’ vocal actually. Kick sounds ‘snappy’ but I’m not hearing much low-end thump. Bass also seems rather understated. :confused: At 3:05 the organ sound is too loud I reckon, push it back, adding more ambience perhaps.

Overall I feel the mix sounds rather brash Phil… I’m guessing a lot of content in the 2-4kHz range ?? Even more so when the lead guitar comes in near the end.

You should put this one up for a group mix… I’d love to get my hands on it :wink:

Hi Phil,

I agree with Ian, the main guitar is too loud and there’s not ehough low-end (kick/bass).

But I like the song, nice changes. :sunglasses:
Beatlesque allright, the Mellotron is a nice addition.


Glad you guys like it. I’ve dropped all the faders ready for a remix. FX taken off too. Too fizzy and too much compression. This is gonna be from a Lute album so gotta get it right. Weird how you can do synth stuff without too many problems and when you come to live tracking and real drums, the sh1t hits the fan :laughing: But that’s what we’re here for, improvement :sunglasses:


Hiya Phil,

Well Done! This is different from your usual offerings. Heavy, Heavy. Yep, enjoyed this. OK the nit, the ending guitar solo is a little pitchy for my taste, if it were a tad warmer in tone and/or brought down in the mix it would be perfect to me.


Hiya John, thanks for looking in. Yeah, I imagined the solo as some kind of plaintive bagpipe thing but overdid the level somewhat. Plus it’s a little thin so I’ll chunky that up for the next mix too.