Don't understand the Notes function, any howto?


read the manual, and try to understand the function of “Notes”
How it works?
My target is, to inform the bandmembers with messages on mobile devices like
“next part chorus, tempochange fast with doublebass in 4, 3, 2, 1, go”
messages assign with timeline.
Or better, messages assign to parts, so when we change the order of parts, the messages are dynamic.
This is usefull in the writing process of songs and in the learning of covers.

In the moment i abuse the lyrics editor for this, it works, but its not the job of lyric editor, i think.

The Notes module is per Song and has no connection to Parts.
You can add time anchors (top right) which makes the view scroll to that position when the time is reached.

the manual say:

8 Insert Page Break Markup
This button will insert the markup text to create a time delay.
Replace the ‘0’ with the number of seconds you wish before the Notes display is cleared. The
next set of Notes will be displayed at the top of the window.
During playback of the Transport, the page break markup will disappear.

here a example;
write the message, go to the trigger point, where the message should appear. hit the Time Marker Button top right.
do this for the first 3 parts.
press play on notebook and in the phone app nothing happens.

go to triggerpoint, hit the Time Marker, write the Message, press play on Notebook, on iphone, nothing.

what make i wrong?

Nothing, it doesn’t work on the iPad yet, only for desktop. Will be added soon for Mods.

:joy: :joy: :joy: ok, good to know, then i wait, thank you.