Don't Understand What I'm Purchasing


I’m having a very hard time understanding which version of cubase I need when looking at the comparisons.

The main features I want are:

A mod wheel, ie CC1, CC2, CC3, panning, volume, etc.
A built-in EQ, a built-in limiter, and built-in compressor that all come with the door. Perhaps some other effects like a delay and distortion too.
The oppurtunity to load my kontakt instruments as many times as I like (ie, lots of tracks with kontakt instruments on them).
The ability to do midi editing, ie editing note velocities.
The ability to export and save my tracks.
The ability to record in my own playing.
The ability to do routing and group tracks (ie group all of my percussion into one group and route that to a certain reverb)

Would Cubase Artist/Elements be okay for all of these?


Of course, as you know, there are less features in Artist/Elements versions… so…

One way to find out for yourself is to try the trial version of CB Elements 10 for 30 days. Hopefully it will meet your needs. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Look here (at the VST instrument tracks count):