Don't update to Cubase 9.5.40

Cubase 9.5.40 breaks the MediaBay… While scrolling through sounds it’s stay stuck on the first sound selected and even though the preview image below updates constantly to the new loop or sound selected it keeps playing the first sound that you selected, also even with “aligne beats to project” selected it still plays loops off beat. Basically everything is a mess with mediabay right now. I can’t seem to find version 9.5.30 to revert back to can anyone direct me?

Just read the rest of the thread. It will spinn you up to date.

Got it, Thanks a lot!

If you post a topic with a strong negative recommendation and very quickly get a response that shows you were incorrect, I think it’s very helpful to change your title to (solved) or something similar.


He was not incorrect with his thread title, 9.5.40 is still broken and a link to 9.5.30 does not fix that nor a promised update to the broken 9.5.40

His title is correct as written

I agree, DONT UPDATE to 9.5.40

Sorry, I hadn’t followed the 9.5.0 thread. I do often have a knee jerk reaction to posts that are negatively titled so definitively. I should have taken the time to read more. My bad!


Negative recommendation? I think it’s rather lovely to warn people of Steinberg’s both job.