don't want text in part to also be in score

I think dorico doesn’t allow text in part to be hidden in the score except by using opaque transparency. there must be an easier way.
my problem started with copyright. when I used the info profile in the score and applied it, I had to shrink it to 5.5 points (pard to read it). I
then removed this and entered the text into the score and it was fine, but when in portrait parts the text in the score is at the wrong place in the score for each part. if I could enter the text in the score and hide it in the part, this should work. another solution for copyright is to put it as system text
at the top of the score at the beginning, which is odd. does anyone know what publishers have said about this or is there a solution that I do not see?

of course, I have to make pdfs to give to the publisher for distribution (remember the day of engravings or handwritten scores? changes in the score? ugh) and can add the copyright to each part of the pdf before sending to the publisher. there must be something that I am not understanding in dorico. this is so fundamental.

If you’re adding copyright info, you should be adding that ad a text frame drawn onto the master page at the bottom of the page. That’s the thing about master pages: you can season to taste, and you always get predictable results.

In Dorico 3.5 you can hide staff and system text independently in the score and the parts.

I don’t really understand the copyright text size problem. By default, copyright text is absolute, not relative to the staff size, so it should print at the same size in the score and parts independent of the staff size, paper size, etc (and that is probably what you wanted).

The default page formats put the copyright on the first page of the score and the parts.

Without the project (or a cut down version of it) we are just guessing what the problem might be.

If you had to shrink the copyright because it’s on 2+ lines and didn’t fit into its default text frame at the bottom of the First master page, you can edit the master page to increase the height of the text frame and/or adjust the font size of either the text token in the frame or the “Copyright” paragraph style (in Engrave>Paragraph Styles).

If you don’t want to see the copyright notice in any of the parts, you can delete the copyright text token from the Engrave mode>Master Page Sets (on the right of the window)>Default Parts>First master page.