Dont want to lose settings again.

Hey Gang,

Hope this is the right place for my topic. Been a Cubase user since 4. Getting set to upgrade to 8. I dread upgrading!
My issue is this…
Every time I upgrade I lose some settings. Whether they be synth settings or plugin chains, when I load a project into the new version, it can’t find something. I have gotten help from this forum and seen the videos on Youtube and they help a lot (never 100%), but these are all “fixes” from people who also had this problem, but figured out how to solve it. My wish is to “Not” have this problem to begin with.
So, is there a prescribed way to “upgrade” so that you don’t lose anything? For example; Should I install 8 into the exact same folder as 7? Or, do some settings have to be imported manually? Which is not a problem except, some folders are not easy to find. Like the “appdata” folder.
From the forums, I can see that these are common problems. Does Steinberg have a list of folders that users usually have problems with and can help ease upgrading? Or is it just the nature of the beast and NO upgrade can be done without a hitch?

Thanks for any help.