Don't we need a new "auditioning" option?

I think we maybe need another option in Preferences/Note input and editing/audition. As it is now, when “Play notes during note input and selection” is on AND I use pitch BEFORE duration, Dorico will repeat the note when you select the rhythmic value. So I play the note to tell Dorico the pitch and when I hit “6” to input a quaver, Dorico repeat the note. It would be nice to spare that second time. On the other hand, if I just select a note I will of course want Dorico to play that, but for now it’s not possible to split the auditioning function in to two separate choices, 1) play during Input and 2) play during selection. I think that would be nice.


Completely agree. It’s distracting to hear the same note twice when inputting. But it is probably not easy to implement that as there will be some difficult corner cases.
For example inputting the same note several times in a row: Should the note audition from the second input note to keep the auditioned “melody” like the original melody? Or do you get zero feedback when inputting several notes at the same pitch?

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If it helps, I always use pitch before duration too and avoid this annoying issue with a standalone VST. I turn off MIDI Thru, have a piano loaded in a standalone VST player, then use a software MIDI router to route the signal to both Dorico and the standalone VST simultaneously. (I’m on Windows, no idea if a software router is necessary on a Mac or not.) This way anytime I ever touch my MIDI keyboard I hear a piano sound, I don’t get the doubled play back during input in Dorico, and when I play back the Dorico file I get the full contingent of sounds I have loaded.

Please, if some work is done in this spesific region, would it be possible to also correct the behaviour when “play notes during note input and selection” is turned off:

At the moment, although this is off in my settings, Dorico still sends dynamic controller data when a note in the score is selected. This can be (and often is) very disturbing when editing the score during playback. It would be great if unticking this box meant that dorico would also not send any controller data when selecting notes in score.

Yes that is clever observation, but it must be possible to create a “filter”, that will allow the repeat function if the pitch is constant, don’t you think?

This can maybe work, but no matter if the function is on or off Dorico will playback the score, so this is not in conflict with the setting of “Play notes during note input and selection”. But the playback when the selected is an crucial, especially with complicated scores, I think. Also writing for transposing instruments often is easier is you can hear the score played by the instrument.

If you actually do want to hear the assigned instrument sound when inputting, “Enable MIDI Thru” controls the first sound, and “Play notes during note input and selection” controls the second. Just turn off whichever of the two you don’t want. I never want to hear any assigned sounds during input, that’s why I use the external piano VST sound. Of course, when I play the project back I want to hear all the assigned VST sounds, so my input method doesn’t affect that at all.

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