Don't you high-cut the signal prior to SRC?

I downloaded the , following their instructions ( to perform the SRC test for some audio softwares I own: downsampling an audio clip from 96kHz to 44.1kHz. When I do the test on Cubase 9.5.0, the only visible difference on the spectrum (comparing to Wavelab 9.5) is that the built-in SRC of Cubase 9.5.0 does not high-cut the signal frequencies higher than the target sample rate, leaving these useless frequencies to become unwanted noises in the target converted file.

Please carefully check the attached screenshots. Cubase needs to get this issue solved.

P.S.: I don’t post irrelevant results from other products here, but Kontakt’s built-in SRC behaves extremely terrible. I have sent all my test results to the website I mentioned above and they may post my results on their website in the next few days.

P.P.S.: I hope that the fix to this issue won’t be postponed to Cubase Pro X (ten).

That’s not what the lack of filtering (high cut) looks like. The resulting audio would become completely unusable if there was no filtering. If you listen to the file converted by Cubase, you’ll notice that the aliasing is basically inaudible.

You probably get more aliasing from playing 48kHz Kontakt libraries in a 44.1kHz project, which a ton of people do.

I’m not saying that Cubase’s SRC couldn’t be improved, but this isn’t the big deal people make it out to be either.

  1. It is audible through my tests here. Even though such noice is not directly audible when you solo a track, it interferes the quality of the total mix.

  2. No reason Cubase behaves different than what Wavelab behaves on SRC.

I wish I had more time to continue helping Cubase stuff… I will keep this on my list in case no one else looks into this.

Btw, I think they do but the filter is not steep enough. WaveLab probably has a nicer way to do it.

PS: “Cubase X” makes me cringe.

The “Cubase Pro X” looks like Final Cut Pro 7 -> Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro 9 => Logic Pro X.