DOP Audition Apply Discard Key Commands

It would be great to see the Apply and Discard options from the DOP Panel appear as Key Command options so you wouldn’t need to mouse click on the DOP panel and hit enter each time you wanted to apply. I’m thinking mainly about sending stuff to/from RX6 with minimal mousing and not having to engage Autoapply. Autoapply sends nicely but the return to N8 isn’t great.

It would also be great to have a Key Command for the Audition function as hitting the spacebar when the DOP Panel is selected just sends the project into play which is no good for auditioning if you’re not using Autoapply.

Autoapply is great for smaller clips but I find it too slow to get a realtime feel on very long clips so I don’t want to have to rely on it. A few extra Key Command based options would be wonderful to be able to preview and apply manually without having to use a mouse to do so.


This indeed would be nice.

Before 8.2 the Auto-Apply seemed to work as a normal Apply when you clicked it to turn on… so I had a macro so as to double-hit Auto Apply and that used to work for me as a normal Apply (confusing eh?)

Now on 8.2 it doesn’t seem to work.

I need this badly for dialogue editing / restoration.

Have you tried toggling bypass on the DOP pannel? I do that now for commiting the returned/processed RX6 audio.

it’s a bit of a strange solution but it seems to work.

Running Izotope RX 7 now and the DOP Bypass toggle workaround doesn’t work now. Would really really really love to see the DOP apply & discard functions appear as a key command so Izotope RX 7 becomes a usable bit of kit. Having to mouse select the Apply button is a massive waste of time when using it as often as we do in a dialogue mix or edit.

Still hoping for this

Has anyone found a way to commit the returned audio from RX Connect back to the active clip without having to mouse click the Apply button on the DOP panel? This is really slowing down my workflow having to do it manually.


and a key command for copy effects chain from clip to clip without opening the DOP

I still reckon this would be fantastic. With the amazing power of key commands in Nuendo, not having these particular commands as options seems like an oversight.


So happy to see this in N10! Thank you good people of Steinberg!!!