DOP audition ignores bypass

So I’m fiddling around with samples and I’m trying to compare the results with and withouth some effects. I ran into several different problems.

changes to playback:
when I play the part of my project containing the sample (solo), it takes quite some time until my changes inside the direct offline processing effects are applied. For instance a drum kick loops 3 or 4 times until I hear my effect settings. This maybe unsolvable and it’s probably ok that way, so I tried something else.

audition and bypass:
the audition function (the little play rectangle at the top of the DOP window) does what I need, I hear changes immediately. But: I can’t bypass any effects anymore, wether I activate the bypass button or deactivate it all effects in the chain are always active. That’s unfortunate, because I can’t easily compare anymore. But maybe that’s not too bad, because back to my first approach now.

normal playback:
I found a nice setting and can go back to normal playback. Very nice: bypass is working without delay, I can switch on and off and compare on the fly without waiting.
BUT: It doesn’t sound the same. Maybe it’s because some rendering quality issues, perhaps DOP’s audition doesn’t render full quality so it can be faster or I am missing something important here.
I tried to single this one out and put a single drum kick on a track, no inserts, equalizing or anything on the track itself, only DOP with frequency (the plugin) in the chain. Frequency definitely doesn’t get bypassed, because that sounds a whole lotta different.

Am I missing some quality setting in cubase or in DOP/sample-editor here, how can I check? I did export a mixdown and it sounds exactly like cubase normal playback, so something inside DOP is different. Any hints or suggestions?

I did this all over once again with reboot and fresh project and it’s not happening anymore. On my old projects it’s still there though. But my sound problem is probably not traceable.

Can I get the bypass inside DOP with audtion to work, or isn’t that supposed to behave the way I expected?

Okay, I understood some things now.

The manual says “Audition [plays] all processing up to the selected process in the list. All processes below are ignored during playback.” What got me confused here is the fact, that bypassing is ignored on the selected process.


  • audition ignores anything under the selected effect
  • the selected effect is always active, bypass is ignored
  • bypass works for everything above the selected effect

I can do everything I need now. When I want to compare I can add an additional EQ for instance that does nothing. It sits at the bottom of the chain where I can select it and bypass my other plugins/effects.

I still would very much prefer playback not being stopped when I activate/deactivate bypass of any process. That would really be handy.

My suggestion:

  • make it visible. It would reduce confusion (maybe I’m the only one, but still I think it’s not as intuitive as it could be). Like give the processes above the selection another color or some icon.
  • don’t stop playback on bypass changes it would improve workflow and remove the necessity of switching to project playback for that
  • let the selected process be bypassable as well so there’s no need to work around this restriction