DOP Audition Key Command + Cleanup

Can we get a key command for the ‘audition’ button in the DOP window? Also, if possible it would be great if we could audition the DOP process THROUGH the channel that the file/event is on.

Also, since the DOP workflow is constantly creating new files, for example every time you bypass a plugin, and the re-enable it, the DOP feature will write a new file, even if no controls have been changed. This aspect of the feature means my projects are ballooning in size quite dramatically. My idea for a solution is that if we decide to “Make Direct Offline Processing Permanent” that it would clear out all the files that relate to the DOP in the ‘edits’ folder. Since that function gives you a big fat warning of “this is not undoable”, it seems the best thing to do would be for Nuendo to clear out any files related to DOP once we’ve made the processing permanent. Hopefully that makes sense.

EDIT: I just saved my session, and quit Nuendo and noticed that the ‘edits’ folder WAS cleaned up. I’ll look into this more tomorrow!!!