Dop audition volume too low

With the audition volume slider at max, the listening level is half of my timeline playback. I’m working in a calibrated space, and don’t want to screw up all the gain staging for this thing.
How are you doing this properly?

My current workaround is to set the reference level button in the control room to punch up 12db. Hit that when I’m in dop, and turn it off when I’m back in the timeline. The dop output routing seems to go all the way past the fader on the stereo out, so there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to affect it beyond it’s volume slider which I have to imagine is pegged on everyone’s system.
Am I missing something?

So I’ll finish this conversation with myself in case anyone is curious and has this issue. Mixing and monitoring at

  • 24dbfs with my room at 79db the level in the dop matches well enough.
    When I was turning out something for YouTube, it was drastically low prompting the control room bump.

The end.

It is because dop preview is pre clip gain, and does not include insert plugins and the signal path.
There is a thread on forum about that.

Well, that’s weird. Everyone else is complaining about dop being stupid loud. I’m having the opposite problem unless I stay at minus 24lkfs in my room.
I just came over from longtime samplitude because I want a post centered daw, but this dop is a major step down from the object editor in samplitude. It’s not even close. They really nailed it with that, and I’ve been spoiled for a long time.