DOP behaviour

I’ve only just updated to N8 and I’m trying to figure out how DOP works. With the DOP window open, shouldn’t it update its contents while I select different audio events? I have to close the DOP window, select an event and then open the DOP window to be able to see the processes. Then, with the window still open, if I select another event, it says: ‘Please select an event.’

Operator error or something wrong?

If you’ve applied DOP processes to the diferent events then yes the DOP window should update its contents when you select each event.

Half a year later, latest update, fresh install: still the same crap. As soon as I apply a process, the DOP window deselects the clip and it says: 'Please select an event. If I do, nothing happens. Anyone else in the same boat or is it my system?

Still working in N7, because N8 is unusable for me.

Sorry, it’s still not clear exactly what you are doing and how you are doing it.

Sorry, I don’t see that here. I’m on PC. That might be a mac only thing.

Or there might be something you do in your particular use of the software which causes this bug. If you can provide a very precise step by step procedure that causes this problem every time I’ll gladly test again. You haven’t said which process you are using and which menu you are calling it from or if you are using a key command… difficult to find the issue without the details.