DOP Bugging out all over the place?

I’ve been trying to use N8 recently but DOP has been acting up in all sorts of weird ways.

If I right-click / Process / Pitch Shift then in the envelope window it shows the region as it should. If I click off the clip and then back on it again the envelope window shows the entire file and if I Apply then it replaces my region with the entire file… I seem to be able to replicate this (or something else goes wrong) pretty much every time I do it. Whilst replicating this and playing around with the pitch shift on other clips in one occasion it’s also somehow messed up the waveform showing a huge amount of distortion at the end of a clip unless I zoom in a certain distance. Super weird.

DOP has also occasionally just stopped applying plugins, no idea why.

I’ve been trying to use N8 but keep having to revert back to N7 for stability… It’s a bit ridiculous that such a core function is broken, it’s very disruptive to a decent workflow. Is this being worked on at the moment or are there plans in the pipeline to add the old direct processing functionality back in? I get the whole point of being able to undo effects but unless it’s rock solid what’s the point?

Right now I’m literally just trying to reverse a clip and it’s saying “Processing Failed” at the top of the DOP window…

same here. Processing Failed
DOP as always been and is still a nightmare. stoping me to work ! god damit i only need to reverse this fing sound and i’m wasting time on forums trying to solve this !

REMOVE DOP !!! OR AT LEAST OFFER THE POSSIBILITY TO MAKE DESTRUCTIVE PROCESS FROM START LIKE IS WAS !!! we don’t need non destructive operation we are adults we know what we do when we want a stupid simple reverse !

I found out about this bug while mixing a show for Amazon prime.
The customer asked if I could do soething similar as in the media composer premix.
After trying for a while I had to export the file to a two track editor, do the processing and reimport.