DOP - C10 - Status


I was wondering what the status is with this DOP… specifically:

  1. can it work like the old (destructive) way without making so many edited files?
    (When I offline process files, all I need is one undo right then and there if it is not right in that moment)

  2. if yes is the answer to the above question, does it require extra clicks and does one always have to remember to “flatten” every dopey file or so, or can this process be automatic and clean like in the old offline render system?

  3. What is the news on RX connect and DOP nowadays?

    Thats all=)

Thank you for clearing this up=)

on the side : when using the gain process - Please jump in full dB steps when adjusting the numerical field with the mouse, and only “fine” steps with a modifier key (ctrl)

so no one knows in here?

ok, Question #3 has been answered…

According to another user, RX 6 and 7 now works with cubase 10.0.10 - thx for the info gianni.

edit: JasonL confirms RX 5 working in 10.0.10 - thx for the info Jason.

editedit: I can still use RX3 - which is working fine with DOP… (not as many features, but it will do the job for now)

Steinberg-> Will I be able to use my RX4 again too? - I will gladly give you a serial number and a izotope download link if you need a copy for testing/fixing… - I can PM it to…?

thanks again=)


in conclusion so far:

RX4= no go with connect