DOP Is Still Completely Broken

Thought I’d give DOP another try now I heard it was fixed. Quite exciting! In theory it is a really great feature.

Yeah it’s still a mess.

Had a long piece of audio of different dialogue effect takes (some roars). Cut one out.

  • Pitch bender does nothing at all if time correction is turned off. So this function I use regularly currently doesn’t work at all.
  • Adding time stretching to a section that already had pitch shifting on it adds loud clicks towards the end of the clip, no matter what length.
  • Cutting out a clip, adding pitch shift, then reediting the clip means this pitch shift is now ‘hidden’ and can’t be reproduced or reapplied.

DOP is a great concept still not ready for action, one year in. Is there any way to access the old method? There are features and fixes in 9.5 that I really like, but right now I just can’t do my job with it.

How are others getting on?


I’m sorry, there is no way how to use old Offline Process in Cubase 9.5.

IMO, the best way to address these issues, is to get other users to confirm/deny the above. Therefore, a step-by-step repro of each problem would help here so others can follow your exact steps. Especially the 2nd and 3 issues.

Assuming they are confirmed, then post the bugs in the “issues” forum.