DOP, it's gotta work at some point right?

N13, DOP is still a workaround for basic functions. Switching between extended tail or processing length, or adjusting the length on any of them, you have to “restart” DOP to make it work. If not, best case nothing changes, worst case you get some really weird artifacts, like half a clip of reverb or something…

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An emergency solution:
The simplest method is still to extend the audio clip by two or three seconds. Then the reverb is definitely accounted for properly. With the Logical Editor you can extend clips by a few seconds. Silence is simply added at the end. Better than nothing.

I’m waiting for this crap to work right since version 8)

I gave up fighting with DOP ages ago. Such a shame because it should be so useful!

How are you configuring the Logical Editor to do this please? Sounds like a great idea!

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