DOP mono to stereo


Is there a way to apply DOP on a mono file but get a stereo output as a result ?
for exemple you have mono voice speak but you want to place it in a room and apply conv verb.
i tried to put this mono file in stereo track and do DOP but result is also mono file with verb.

Convert it in the pool to an interleaved file. Simplest is to use the command find selected in pool and then right-click and convert it leaving everything else intact. It’d be nicer if we could simply do mono->stereo effects like you can in PT.

ok, so you take the raw file, than convert it to interleaved and then apply DOP… assuming it is in a stereo track.

I create an empty stereo Track, and put the mono part on this track to get stereo insert effects from a mono file.

Yeah on insert is ok. But not DOP. Even with mono file on a stereo track. DOP result is mono.