DOP or 'Plugins'?

What’s the difference between ‘Direct Offline Processing’ and "Plug-ins’ on the ‘Audio’ drop-down menu?

They both open the DOP window and offer the same plugin list and options.

Not sure I understand the logic of the question but they give you a way to apply a process/plugin directly via the menu or via a key command.

It is just that they appear to provide almost identical options, so I wonder why both are there.

I’m probably missing something.

For people who insisting on doing it the “old” way.
And Key Commands …


So, using the ‘Direct Offline Processing’ option the DOP window opens and then a plugin is selected from the [Plug-ins] list, and using the ‘Plug-ins’ option a plugin is selected first and then the DOP window opens to provide the same options!

The end result appears to me to be the same.


Both processing and plugins use the same DOP window. There’s no issue here.

For example:

  • selecting Gain (processing) opens the DOP window with Gain applied (or ready to be applied)
  • selecting Studio EQ (plugin) opens the DOP window with Studio EQ applied (or ready to be applied)

So the end result is not the same.

My guess is that you are using these commands without having first selected an audio event…