DOP plug-in initialization renders Nuendo 11 inoperable

Does anyone else have this DOP issue? I use it quite a bit (Windows 10), but I have noticed lately with builds 11.0.30 and 11.0.40 that instantiating a plugin can cause Nuendo to freeze and spin the blue Windows ‘Not Responding’ circle. I have to force quit and grab the latest backup file (which I have recently set to a 1 minute interval due to how often this occurs).

Sometimes it happens because the DOP window isn’t up already onscreen, but most of the time it’s the launching of the plug-in itself that causes it (sometimes you’ll see the plug-in is ‘half’-loaded before the circle starts to spin).

It doesn’t seem to matter which plug-in it is; even the Steinberg ones can cause it. Seems random as to when it happens, too. There’s no solid repro for it, such as a particular plug-in that always causes it, etc.

  • Rodney

Haven’t seen it here.