DOP post and pre clip gain

It would be nice to have Pre and Post Clip gain option on the plug-ins or processes within the DOP window, much the same as we have on the Insert plugs for Pre and Post fader.

If I may ask: what would the practical advantage be?

Some of the denoising plugins seem to work better with more input gain.

You can do that. Just create a Macro and save it as a DOP process.


That still does not work the same. When putting the gain process before DNS (or any other plugin where I need more input gain) it does not gain the input while adjusting the parameters on the plugin following. I will not hear the gain until the file is played on the timeline.

Yes it does!

Thanks Eric, You have proven me wrong, Not sure why I was not getting that. Must be the lockdown getting to me.

I’ve never been wrong, ever…