DOP refresh


I have a region with DOP. handles are set at 5000ms.
I want to copy it to another place and extend it.
But when I do so, sometimes extend process is not done.
So I select all process in DOP, cut paste.
But then I check the extended process and sometimes it’s not there. Just after the L/R region there’s no process.
A/ is that something I do wrong ?
B/ is there a way to select multiple regions with DOP and have them recalculate the process in batch ? The only way I see is to select them all one by one and cut select process, cut paste. it’s very time consuming !
I tried to untick autoapply and clic apply but the process is never applied to entire region unless you use cut paste.
thanks for any hints.

I looked a bit more into this so this is what is going on :
1/ you set Activate Extend Process Range (I put 10000ms).
2/ you apply a process.

Now for some reason you need to change the region lenght or slip inside this region and 10sec was not enough. so :
3/ I cut the process
4/ paste it back

But doing so you realize that the process you pasted in is only applied to the region length exactly (not to the extended range you selected). I think it’s an error in design.

The work around is to drag all your process to store it as a preset and drag it back… very time consuming but then the extended regions are applied correctly.
(this is with nuendo 12)