DOP Screen refresh


is it possible to make the screen refresh when using the DOP for plugins that have internal analyzers, goniometers or sonogram views?

I’m also very annoyed by the fact that -when using large audio files - the applied “effect” is only hearable after a lag of 1 or 2 seconds?

At this stage I am afraid your question will be answered with “depends on the speed and power of your rig” ?
I think DOP takes quite a lot of DSP, so monitoring readouts from analysers will even take more?
For me, DOP is useless at this stage.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Is there a way to disable/not use DOP at all? I don’t need it for the most part and can wait for it to be perfected.


are you guys on 8.0.10? There are quite a few bug fixes for DOP.



Yes, I am.

Yes, 8.0.10. As asked above … is there a way to disable it? Or at least have the option of using it or the old method?