DOP Tails ... this has to be a bug!

It seems to me that DOP should be able to be applied to an Event which has “content outside the event”( quote from there manual) … i.e. Handles … and if the Tails function is applied, then Nuendo should apply the processing only to the audio “visible” and add a tail of the correct length ( such as in the case of ambience. )

Right now it doesn’t. If an event has handles then the DOP effect will just cut off during playback in the Project. If the Event is opened out, then we just hear the content in the handle, which although effected cuts off when the event ends. No tail… Hopeless.

Its true that if the original event ( with handles ) is Bounced to a new Event, then DOP Tails do work. As the Tail length is extended Nuendo creates a longer Event in the Project to accommodate the effect tail. But of course now the Handles are gone.

Surely this isn’t how its supposed to work? If we have to Bounce every Event why is there an “Extend Processing Range” setting in the DOP Panel?

I think the whole thing should be more transparent to the user. That is, I select an Event, open DOP and apply effect/. Nuendo should apply them to the audio content ‘visible’ in the event and automatically add enough time for the effects to finish. A 'Tails" setting shouldn’t have to be there at all! Back in the Project if I happen to extend the Event to reveal more content then, Nuendo should automatically re-render the DOP and apply it to the extended content in the Event. No need for an “Extend Processing” setting either IMO.

So I don’t know if I’m asking for a fix or a feature… but please can we have it?