DOP - wrong audio preview when select multiple audio clips ?


I have a basic problem with the Direct Offline Process:

When I process a SINGLE clip with a plug-in and add another effect/plug-in, Nuendo sorts the processes in CHRONOLOGICAL order, so that I can hear the preview of my actual process, including the processes I add before.

The problem is, when I want to add a further process for two or more clips (that are selected), Nuendo sorts the processes in ALPHABETICAL order and previews the sound of the processed file, that is listed at the end of the process list.
You definitely hear the wrong preview when you want to add a process, that should base on a previous process :neutral_face:

This behaviour (a bug ?) is not very useful for me and concerns all effects and plug-ins.
I tested it in N8.2 and N8.3. Same problem…

Can anybody verify ?