Dor3 video stops mid stream

In Dorico 3, I attached a video. When playing, the video consistently goes black and silent on the 3rd beat of measure 22, or 1 minute and 22 seconds. I’ve confirmed that the actual attached video continues in a video player. I’ve confirmed normal settings in video properties, the only adjustments being a video offset of 00:00:00:09, and Project frame rate at 30fps, which is also the video frame rate. In Play mode, I’ve confirmed the video region is not truncated. There are no markers. I also saved the project and restarted Dorico Pro 3 to no different effect.

Why would the video just stop?

Be sure you have enough measures created to cover the duration of the video (and more–you can eliminate extra measures later) including the offset. The video will only play as long as there are underlying measures in Dorico. You do not say how long the video is supposed to run.

If you have sufficient bars for the video to play, then please provide a link to the video file here so we can try it for ourselves.

Yes. Thank you for pointing out composition length. Yes, there are plenty of measures to accommodate the video. The point where the video goes blank is only halfway through the composition.

I’ve included a dropbox link to the video below. Note, this is an audio file that has been converted to mp4 video. I used some presentation software to create it and included some trivial animation to confirm the video (both the audio and video channels) had entirely stopped. As far as I know, the software exports clean mp4 video, so I don’t think the format will be the problem.

Because of this and other problems, I’m beginning to think I should trash my current installation of Dorico and accompanying files and re-install entirely from scratch.

video link: Dropbox - Red Bird - full and comp.mp4 - Simplify your life

FWIW I attached the video to an empty piano score and it played to the end (about 2 min 30 sec with your 9 sec start offset) with no problems.

Goodness gracious Rob Tuley. Your help is popping up everywhere! I’m being help-stalked! :sunglasses: Thanks!

Your reply reinforces the likelihood doing a full re-install.

jamag, are you on Windows or Mac?

To be honest I hadn’t even noticed the two threads were from the same user. I just read the posts and answer the questions if I can :slight_smile:

I am on a Mac.