Dor4 - Add Ensemble - possible bug

I was exprimenting with the new version of Dorico, and I may have found a bug. When I create an empty score and choose Setup > Add Ensemble, only when Dorico is opened in the main screen the ensemble picker displays normally. On my second screen, it appears partially in the top right corner, and on my third screen it doesn’t appear at all. See screen captures.


Unfortunately this is not unheard-of with Qt applications: their handling of multiple displays can be a bit wonky. We’ve raised a number of such issues with their developers and remain hopeful that one of these days they will fix some of these problems. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!


Thanks for your response Daniel! It’s a pity that a new and beautiful feature gets sabotaged by the shortcomings of Qt software. In my case, it might be a hindrance, since I use Dorico mainly on my second display. The curious thing is, when I move Dorico to my first display so that the Add Ensemble window will open in the right place, and then move Dorico back to my second display (maximized or not), the Add Ensemble window stays in the right place and is fully functional. But, as was to be expected, when I close and then re-open the Add Ensemble window, the same problem re-occurs.

Yes, that’s really annoying and I’m sorry for it. We are hopeful (though perhaps without much evidence that our hope is well-placed) that when we have moved over to the new UI framework that Qt provides, some or all of these problems will be a thing of the past. We’ll see!


Regarding secondary display screens: I am reproducing the same behaviour on my system - (Macbook Pro, Mojave). It is not possible to create Ensembles if Dorico is using the second display screen. Also, it is not possible to set shortcut keys properly unless Dorico 4 is on the main display. Notably, the Option key doesn’t work properly.

Hopefully you will find that this specific problem is addressed in the forthcoming maintenance update, coming in a few days.

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This problem is indeed solved in the 4.0.10 update, that’s great, thank you!