Dorice SE license issues

I installed Dorico SE from the Steinberg Download Assistant app, and activated the license that was sent to me. My elicenser is up to date and I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the software for it. But every time I open SE it asks me to buy or activate Dorico. Is this just Steinberg’s way of annoying you into buying Dorico? I though SE was free, and if so why am I asked to activate or buy a free app? Thanks in advance for your help. (BTW I love Dorico and as soon as Rewire is available, which is baffling why it’s not, I will buy 3!)

It sounds as if you have a trial license still active on your computer (or dongle). Once the trial allowance expires the bothersome message should cease.

I guess you have a time-limited “all applications” license on your USB-eLicenser, which Dorico will consume until it expires; because that license is time-limited, Dorico will occasionally pop up the warning that your license will expire in the future, but your Dorico SE license will not expire, so once the time-limited license has expired, Dorico SE will run and it will do so without warning you of your license expiring.