Dorico 1.0.20 Trial Install Errors


I’ve just downloaded Dorico Trial 1.0.20 using the direct download link given by Daniel Spreadbury somwhere in the forums. I added the trial licence to my eLicencer with no problems at all however when trying to install on my Windows 10 64 Bit. I had the following error messages

An string occurred while attempting to create the directory C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu.

Generic Lower Latency ASIO Driver 64 Bit Instqallation failed. Error Code 1603.

Device installation failed. Fatal error during instrallatiobn. Error Code 1603.

I then read somewhere in the forums that deselecting ‘Install for all users’ worked so tried that. The program then installed but I still had the above errors.

I should add that I am an experienced computer builder and user of audio software for many years including Finale, Sonar and Garritan Libraries so I do have some considerable experience of working with notation and audio.

Things I have tried:

  1. Cleared my system, internet and browser cache.
  2. Rebooted a few times
  3. Disabled my Antivirus and Firewall.
  4. Updated the installer in the download folder.
  5. Searched these forums and the internet for similar cases.
  6. Deselected ‘Install for all users’ as suggested in the forums.

Things I have not tried:

Redownloading the trial sotware. At over 8 Gig this is something I won’t relish especially with a good chance the same will happen!

If anyone has any other suggestions of what to try I’d be grateful.


I’m afraid I don’t have any great ideas, but does this page on Microsoft’s web site help at all?

Hello Daniel,

Thank you for your reply and the link.

The ‘folder encryption’ and ‘substitute drive’ aspects don’t really apply in my case although the ‘Permissions’ aspect and the ‘uninstalling previous install’ have caught my interest.

I’m about to be involved with a recording session with my soprano right now so will try these later on this afternoon or early evening. I’ll post back here when I’ve tried those two possibilities.

Thanks again for your support; it’s fantastic to see product leaders active in the forums. This is a definite plus for your product and reminds me of the days when Gary Garritan himself was active in the Garritan libraries forums. Wonderful times. :smiley:

I talked with our guys who create the installers and most likely the problem will be, that you have an old version of the GLLD (Generic Lower Latency Driver) installed. I’ll send you via PM a little tool that can uninstall that old driver. Then you let the Dorico installer run again and that will install the latest version.

Hello Ulf,

Thanks for your help.

Prior to your post I had uninstalled Dorica and cleaned out my system. The permissions for the folder are correct. I then tried reinstalling and more was instsalled.

The result is as follows:

Dorico Installed
HALyon Symphonic Orchestra Installed
HALyonSonic SE Installed
Components Failed

I am able to open Dorico now and there is some playback.

I tried your tool and reinstalled and still the Components failed.

Is there some way in which the ‘Components’ can be redownloaded and installed seperately?

Thanks again.

But if Dorico is running and you have sound, then everything is installed correctly. Well, apart from that Generic Lower Latency Driver, but as it seems you don’t need it anyway, because you do have a proper audio interface with a proper ASIO driver.
So I think you are fine. Or do you have some other problems?

Hello Ulf,

Thanks again for your replies, it’s much appreciated.

Yes I do have an audio interface with a ‘proper’ ASIO driver (Focusrite Scarlet 2i4) and Dorico is running with sound at present.

After installing it did show ‘Components’ (plural) with ‘Failed Install’. I understand the GLLD wouldn’t install as it isn’t necessary in my case. I’m sure you will understand that as this is my very first experience with the program I was just a little concerned that there might be other items in ‘Components’ that didn’t make it and that this could cause me to run into problems further down the line. If it is the case that the GLLD is the only item in ‘Components’ or the only item not to install, then this is great and I’m on the journey with Dorico.

I must say I’m very impressed with your program and today I added the ARIA Player VST2 after finding how-to in these forums. Everything is looking and sounding great; just a bit of a learning-curve to steer through but it’s looking good so far. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to all the development team.