Dorico 1.0.30 update now available

We are pleased to announce that the third maintenance release for Dorico, version 1.0.30, is now available, and includes more than 120 improvements, among them:

• Improvements to grace note and tremolo playback, with new options to control them
• Lots of bug fixes in the handling of playing techniques during playback, including legato and nat./ord.
• Improvements to the Mixer, including better UI responsiveness, proper mute/solo support, and correct FX routing for instruments other than the default HALion Sonic SE 2
• New Edit > Remove Rests command, which makes it much easier to remove extraneous rests in secondary voices
• New auto-backup feature, which keeps a number of revisions of each project, rotating the backups each time you save
• New thick barline type
• New options for brackets and braces, including being able to change the default distance of the brace from the systemic barline
• New instrument types to cover all horn transpositions, and different conventions for low woodwind/brass instruments with regard to choice of clef and octave transposition

…and much more besides.

I have written up a few of the improvements in detail on the Making Notes blog. You can download the full Version History with comprehensive details of the fixes and improvements, and download the update itself here.