Hi everyone
I think this is a problem for Daniel at first.
Dorico crashed again and although from the beginning of my use I ran the file to create crash reports; For some reason of my PC I only have 2 reports. 1 of Cubase and another one that I send to you because although the date is 24-8-2017 the message was the same and from which I send photo. The last crash occurred today.
If the reason was the same, it might help. At the time it occurred I was playing back an orchestral work, and without anything foreseeing it, the playback stopped, the message came from which I sent a photo, the dorico closed and I had to restart the PC to ensure that all drivers and audio codecs were installed.
Have you identified the problem yet?
I’m sorry I did not have a report file today but I thought I had … after the crash I ran your “dump-config.reg” again
Best Regards
To-coruche (1.27 MB)
VSTAudioEngine1.1.0.159 64bit 2017.8.24 (106 KB)

From the screenshot I can see that it is Dorico’s audio engine that caused the problem. The audio engine runs in a separate background process. The idea behind this was that a crashing audio engine would not bring down whole Dorico. Well, in your case that is apparently not true, since Dorico itself also went away, I’m very sorry.

But the crash dump file does not match your crashing yesterday, it is from August this year.
Looking at it, the crash happened in HALion Sonic SE. I will pass this on to our HALion team.

Unfortunately, since we don’t have a crash dump from yesterday, we can’t tell if it is the same cause, but it is quite likely.
Please make sure again, that the exceptiondumper.dll is located in the VSTAudioEngine/Components folder.

One more thing. From the crash dump I see that the audio engine is started from the path
D:/STEINBERG CUBASE 9 PRO/VSTAudioEngine/VSTAudioEngine.exe

After a conventional installation this would normally be in
C:/Program Files/Steinberg/Dorico/VSTAudioEngine/VSTAudioEngine.exe

I wonder, why did you shift this around? Where is the Dorico executable and how does it
find the VSTAudioEngine, how does it get started?

Good morning Ulf;
Sorry to bother you; the issue of having installed Dorico not on disk C: but on D: it is due to their size - I have 750GB in D: and only 250GB in C: and that must have to contain the operating system (Windows 10) as well all the other files that the various programs put there for their normal operation.
Also, as I have been through the years of using the various versions of Cubase (the first one I bought came flopydisk and there was still no internet - civil, as we know it today), some crashes for which I did not have the great support that now this forum makes possible. So, after creating a folder on disk D: (more spacious) for Cubase; all the other programs that I have been getting (Halion sonic SE 3;The grand 3; Synphonic orchestra and Dorico) as well as the UR44 module software; were installed inside the same folder “D: / STEINBERG CUBASE 9 PRO”; and each program creates its own folders and puts information on the C: disk but does not load it beyond its capacity.
Attached 5 printscreens of the folders / files referred to as well as the “Steinberg” folder on the C: disk.
If something is to jeopardize the normal operation of these programs, I will wait for your suggestions in order to make everything work perfectly.
In advance pleased for your help,
With my best regards;
Printscreens (226 KB)

Okay, now I see, so you messed quite a bit with your installation :slight_smile:
Well, it will (and does) work, but also for our product installers/updaters it will get difficult to keep everything on track and correctly installed.
Basically you can install Steinberg products wherever you like, but make sure you keep each product in it’s own folder.
Now you have Cubase9 and Dorico in the same folder side by side, which is not a good idea.
I have no better strategy other than uninstalling and reinstalling everything.
Or leave it as it is, it’s up to you.

The crashing you experienced should not be caused by the messed up installation, but I can’t be 100% sure on this.
It would be good if you could provide more crash dumps, rather than the old one from August.
Do you have any newer ones?

Thank you for the tips… this is what I’ve tried to avoid but I will do it soon. Unfortunately I’ve had some crashes between (since last August); but like I said to you, my “CrashDumps” folder only have two files - one from Cubase and the other that I send to you.
Perhaps on other crash (!) in the future I’ll have one recent file to send to you.
By the way; after I uninstalled all the Steinberg software, is there any specific order to re-install all ? It’s a lot of information to transfer and validate on your site.
Thanks by your kindness
To- coruche

Should you have a crash dump, then please post it, because that is the straw that we cling to, because without it, it is too difficult to get to the bottom of the problem.

And no, no particular order required. Sure, each installer has it’s own eLicense Control Center installer, but it will recognize if it is already there. Same goes for HALion Sonic SE, it’s contained in Cubase as well as Dorico, but will then only get installed once.

Good afternoon Ulf,
Here I send you the files of the last crash that occurred on DORICO today when I was listening to a playback.
The scroling bar stopped; the playback as well and the program has closed.
The differences from my last blog report reflect your advice: Now I have a C: \ SSD drive with 500 GB; I reinstalled all steinberg software at its root and by default.
Same, just the crash and the fact that it does not allow me to save the default changes in the various writing / editing settings; warning that an error occurred, but when you reopen the window in the changed parameter, this change was actually made.
Hoping to contribute to a better upgrade (hopefully soon)
DORICO crash (479 KB)

Other log file about the saving error. (6.51 KB)

Hi To-Coruche,
sorry I’ve seen this too late today, now I’m not in the office anymore.
Thanks for the data; this time the crash dump is from Dorico itself, not the audio engine. On Monday I will forward the stuff to our London boys, hopefully they will be able to make some sense out of it.

Hi To-Coruche,

London had a look at it and it was a crash deep in the window activation and font measurement code.
The theory now is that it has something to do with the fonts that you have installed on your machine.
Either you have some strange custom font with weird drawing behaviour, or there’s some badly formatted text in a specific file.
Does it crash always on one file or on any of them?
Or a real possibility could be that the system font cache is messed up. Please try following:

If it happens more often with a particular file then we could take a look at that.

Hello and thanks for your help;
The crashes happen on any file and now I discovered that DORICO don´t let me create an uncompressed XML file. I only try to do so now because I´m supposed to send a reduced score from the crashed file to a friend of mine (I normally don´t need this file format).
I will try the procedures recomended in the link, and after I (eventually) try to reinstal DORICO.
Thank you all.
With my best regards