DORICO 1.1.10 - Suggestion for improvement

Hello again,
One more suggestion for improvement (in my understanding obviously):

  • It would be possible to have in write mode, in full score; beyond the “ghost image” of the name of the instrument when we move horizontally in the score; also a “ghost bar number” to know where we stand vertically ?
    By the way - In the “SMuFL” not all the symbols used to copy as suggested; for example: I tried to copy the 3 symbols corresponding to the system divider and none of them worked (U + E007 System divider; U + E008 Long system divider; U + E009 Extra long system divider). The copied symbol has nothing to do with the original.
    With best regards for all


It has been mentioned before (to me if not actually on the forum) about the option of ‘ghost’ bar numbers so you can tell where you are. I believe it’s on the list.
With the SMUFL characters, are you copying them from and pasting them in as a text item? That seems to work for me, remembering to change the font character style to ‘music text’ so that it’s using the Bravura Text font of course.

Hi John
I am copying them from but I forgot to switch to music text; my apologies.
But I’ve already copied the “segno” and “coda” and I’m sure I did not intentionally change the type of text and it worked …! I attached the example I did.
It does not matter now; it works.
Renewing my apologies
2017-09-22 (2).png

You can paste the SMULF character without switching to music text, but then you must switch the font to Bravura, otherwise it will not work… Switching to music text is easier than looking for the right font in a list of (on my computer) hundreds of them!

Thanks MarcLarcher, I am so focused on a project that I have under way, that I sometimes forget these important “little details”. See me, I’m already in the mood - “project” … It takes some time and a lot of practice but; I’ll be there …!
Have all a nice weekend

Make entering Triplets easier. If I highlight 3 quarter notes already entered then hit Triplet it would be so cool!
Have a tear down menu to select note value on Tempo. 1/8 note =60 or Half note = 60 1/4 note=120
Ability to edit midi events like note on velocities, sustain pedals and note durations.
Ability to drag notes to new pitch by clicking or highlighting then move note up or down.
RIGHT clicking on individual not brings up menu to choose Note Velocity, Playing style
“Harp AUTO pedaling” button that finds easier pedaling markings
“Check Ranges” on score and part for individual instruments to make sure WW or Brass etc is in playable ranges Highlight in red errors
Have Simi or similar button on blank measure so that you can fill in if on another orchestral staff. Exams user RIGHT clicks on Flute staff in full score mode, then gets tear down menu with option “Col Clarinet” or " Col Pic 8vb"