DORICO 1.1.10 Suggestions for discussion

Good morning everyone;
Thanks for the help you have given me in particular to Daniel.
Here are new doubts or; suggestions on how to automatically write in the parts the symbols / text that were written on the music score.
I have attached 3 images of the same project:
1- I used a “segno” in the top of the music score, and there is correct, there should be no need to repeat it in all staffs because it would only complicate the reading of the score (picture 1).
2- Well, in the part of the flute (the first instrument of this music score) the “segno” appears well written, as well as everything that is identical information “coda”; “del segno to coda”; “da capo” and so on (picture 2).
3 - Why do not these signs appear in the remaining parts ONLY? (the 3rd image is the tuba part).
It is my suggestion that all these symbols and texts automatically be included in the parts (on all instruments) and keep the music score visually “clean” with all this information just on top of it.
With thanks to all

Picture 1.png

You need to use system text to achieve what you want. If I recall correctly, you create them with shift+alt+X. If not, you should find it under Write > Create system text

Thanks andgle;
The command it´s shift+X, but it dosen’t work like I suggested, because if I write all that symbology, part by part in all instruments, when You see de full score it´s a mess; with all symbols writed in all staves with other problems like system configuration, space between staffs, etc…
In full score I put on top those “texts” aquired from “SMUFL” and other indications created by me; but all entered with command shift+X in a certain place.
OK… next I want that all instrument parts automatically assume them.
once written in the score, one written in each instrument part.
I hope I have clarified my problem.

There are two different key commands, Shift-X and Shift-alt-X. You want Shift-Alt-X.

If you edited the key commands in an earlier version of Dorico, you will not get the new key commands like Shift-Alt-X when you upgrade.

You need to restore the default key commands, or you can use “Create System Text” in the Write menu.

My apologies to both. I did not understand first.
It’s working fine now …
Thank you so much.