DORICO 1.1.10 topics / questions

Hello everyone,

Here are some doubts about DORICO that I have already acquired:

1- To test multiple voices, I created 5 voices on a staff, at the end of this operation I wanted to keep only one of them and erase the others …! How can I do this ? If I have to delete the entire staff and restart the process, I will lose work already done and the corresponding execution time of it. Is there a solution?

2- I created 3 lines of percussion with the respective keys (without defined height); Everything seemed fine until trying to write any figure … the caret appears but does not write figures or rests. I went to the settings of the score and extended the space between staffs to avoid the 7 lower supplementary lines of the last staff that prevented me (also) from trying to write on the nearest percussion line, and even after zooming in to impracticable 1200% … . !!! I could not write a single symbol. Does anyone know what’s going on?

3- When the option to show the symbols is selected by dragging them with the mouse cursor; The “short” and “very short” suspensions (fermata) are exchanged.

Some of these examples were seen by me in normal operation in tutorial videos 99% originating from Steinberg.

I also had a crash (!) that only don’t have major consequences because I forced myself to do backups every 20 minutes at least. I have already suggested automatic backups with the programmable time gap.

I’m sure there will be obvious solutions that only I don’t know, but I’m just a musician trying to give a better look to what I already did, and if possible with gains in efficiency and speed.

Grateful in advance for the help I know someone will grant me,


See Rob’s and Daniel’s posts in this thread:

Once you have deleted the music in those voices, simply save, close and re-open the score, and any empty voices will be removed.

Unpitched percussion support is very rudimentary in Dorico at the moment – this is one of the main focuses of our work at the moment, and the next major update to the program will introduce extensive new functionality for percussion.

Thanks for reporting this: I will fix this for the next update.