Dorico 1.1 - At First Glance

Haven’t started using it yet, but having watched several of the videos this update is IMPRESSIVE. I look forward to enjoying the new features, which appear to be executed with the astonishing genius we have come to expect once the team is able to focus on a particular functionality.

Once I dive in, I will be looking for these things that I’m not certain made it into 1.1 because they are not mentioned in the update specifics:

  1. View scrolling with playback in Write Mode
  2. The ability to set up VST instruments with multiple MIDI ports, allowing me to use more than 16 MIDI channels per VE Pro instance.

(If these ARE included in the update, I will revise this post.)

That said, again, let me congratulate Daniel and the team on the fabulous job they have done implementing those features that have made it into Dorico.

This is included in the update.

Super! I wonder why no mention was made of it? At least none that I saw. This has been a functionality gap that kept me from using Dorico as a composing tool – the use for which I bought it.

Thanks for the heads up!

It’s mentioned on page 30 of the Dorico Version History PDF and in Daniel’s blog post about version 1.1 in the first paragraph of “So Much More Besides…” with score following during playback.


Aha! So the fault lies with me and my eyes. Thanks for pointing this out.

I think you can be forgiven for missing one sentence within 50 pages of release notes :slight_smile: