Dorico 1.2.10 released, with percussion and playback improvements, plus system dividers, wings on repeats, and more

We are delighted to announce that Dorico 1.2.10, the final planned maintenance update for Dorico 1.x, has been released today. This update improves the performance and stability of the application, and provides greater flexibility in playback and appearance of percussion kits. Other improvements in this update include:

• The ability to easily play back any selection of instruments, and to set the mixer’s mute/solo states based on the selection.
• Copy and paste between pitched instruments and unpitched percussion instruments.
• Show “wings” on repeat barlines to help repeats stand out.
• Show dividers between systems on the same page, to make full score layouts easier to read.
• A redesigned menu for choosing notehead sets, and a new Engraving option to choose between square and round double whole note (breve) noteheads.
• The tempo and playing techniques popovers now provide auto-complete suggestions to help you input the desired markings more quickly.
• Reworked drawing for ties and slurs, which now look more elegant than ever.
• New tokens to add the date and time to text frames.

Dorico 1.2.10 also includes dozens of bug fixes.

Read all about the update on the Dorico blog, check out the Version History PDF and download the update today.

Important note for Windows users
If you are on Windows, be sure to restart your computer after installing the update: if you don’t, you may well find that the Bravura music font does not display properly in Dorico. Don’t panic! Just restart your computer and all will be well.

Did you update on Wednesday 21 February?
If you installed Dorico 1.2.10 yesterday (Wednesday 21 February), then you will have downloaded 1.2.10 build 136. This build has a bug where using the Create Time Signature section of the Time Signatures panel, or the Insert Bars section of the Bars and Barlines panel, can cause a crash (it’s still possible to create time signatures and bars using the Shift+M and Shift+B popovers as normal). On Thursday 22 February we released a new build, 1.2.10 build 139. If you are running build 136, we recommend you update to build 139.

On Mac, you can simply download the Dorico 1.2.10 updater again from here, and run it.

On Windows, you should go to Programs and Features in Control Panel, and uninstall ‘Steinberg Dorico’ (there is no need to uninstall any of the other components). Then download the full Dorico 1.2.10 installer from here, and run that.

To verify that you are running build 139, run Dorico, and check the build number in the About Dorico dialog (in the Dorico menu on Mac, and in the Help menu on Windows).