Dorico 1.2.10 update can crash when using Time Signatures and Bars and Barlines panels

Thanks for the warning. Does creating time signatures and bars with popovers also cause a crash?

No, the popover is safe to use as before.

Ah, thanks. I encountered the Time Signatures crash this afternoon and assumed my installation had gone wrong. I’m just glad that a fix is in the works.

We have today released a new build, 1.2.10 build 139, that fixes these problems. If you are running build 136, we recommend you update to build 139.

On Mac, you can simply download the Dorico 1.2.10 updater again from here, and run it.

On Windows, you should go to Programs and Features in Control Panel, and uninstall ‘Steinberg Dorico’ (there is no need to uninstall any of the other components). Then download the full Dorico 1.2.10 installer from here, and run that.

To verify that you are running build 139, run Dorico, and check the build number in the About Dorico dialog (in the Dorico menu on Mac, and in the Help menu on Windows).

I’m very sorry you’ve had a bad experience with Dorico on your first day. If you’re interested to try to work through the problems, I’d be very happy to help you. Did you try looking through the FAQ thread, in particular the FAQ "I get no playback. What do I do?” We will very soon have a new video on the YouTube channel that will help walk through a number of common issues that could cause playback to be silent, and perhaps that would also be helpful to you.

In The message
is the link for “download the update today” wrong/needless.

No, that link is correct. Only people who had updated yesterday need worry about this.

I uninstalled and then installed from the link but it says I have build 313.
Is it correct?


That will be the audio engine build number, I expect, which hasn’t changed between build 136 and build 139 of Dorico itself. There are two lines of text in About Dorico; the first should say “Version (Feb 22 2018)”. If it does, you’re up to date!

Hi, I wrote about this yesterday but seems to be fixed now. Thanks for that!

Another thing puzzling me in the new update is the following:
The note dynamics in ”playback option” seems not to work correctly: You have the possibility to
increase dynamics of first beat in the bar as well as other beats indipendently but those two are in reality locked together i e if one moves so does the other to identical values, which makes it useless to do any adjustment at all because one will neutralize the other. This surely cant be right…?

/Frans Mossberg :question:

Yes, I’m afraid you’re quite right, Frans: at the moment, the first beat value is applied to every beat.

I believe we should offer Daniel and his team words of gratitude and encouragement for what’s happened over the last 36 hours.

We know that they like doing what they do; do it extraordinarily well and with tremendous talent and professionalism.

But many of the rest of us users like using Dorico just as much as they do - or more :slight_smile:.

In every way, the whole enterprise (by which I mean the software itself; its features, its stability; the support; the community here; the speed and flexibility of response; its chances of success - thanks to closeness to the way musicians really work) really is going from strength to strength.

To the praise I would like to join.
Mark, but it must be also a small criticism.
You saw how many problems after the last update (tested update?) still there.
This time, a primitive exception error.
So first wait what the users say.
Maybe the praise becomes for Dorico this time, I hope, predominantly.

The procedure uninstall-install killed the connection to the Aria Player.
I suppose some whitelist was overwritten. SIGH!

It shouldn’t have done: the correct location for your user whitelist is %APPDATA%\Steinberg\VSTAudioEngine_64, not inside the Dorico program folder.

The uninstall/install as directed in the instructions did not cause problems with Aria in my case.

Hi there,

I updated today (build 139) and all my scores are corrupted. No notes, no time signatures (just strange signs instead…). Any idea?

Rebooting your computer should fix the problem.


Hi Stew, rebooting did fix the problem. Thanks. Easy solution…

Yeees… seems the installation on my laptop was on that level, but the installation on my pc is older (since 1.0) and so the whitelist not in the location where it should have been now … apologies…