Dorico 1.2 Entering of chord issue

I found a small issue with entering of chord in Dorico 1.2. In write mode, when entering chord (press Q), say if I want to enter E#, I press +, then press E, and the E# is correctly entered. Now if I press E again to put another E# an octave higher, in Dorico 1.2 the E becomes E natural. I remember in 1.1 and earlier versions, the chord entering works without needing to press + again for the second same note. By right any accidentals should remained active for all the same notes entered during a chord entering process.
(Of course, using the new shift-I feature to add interval works well for entering octave notes.)



I’m on mac, and I believe I always had to input accidentals when inputting chords with the laptop keyboard…

I think you’re mistaken, JM: accidentals only apply in the octave in which they are specified, so you do need to specify them for each octave when building a chord. I don’t believe Dorico has ever worked any differently than it does now in this regard.

oh, then I must be mistaken, I’m sorry about my comment. So this is the intended behaviour. Then I would like to suggest this as a new feature – the accidental would remain enabled for the note when it is moved in octave because this is more likely the usual case in chords.

BTW, Merry Christmas to all,