Dorico 1.2 - some problems remain (maybe only for me!) respecting Chord symbols and Halion Piano

Hi everybody:

  1. Chord symbols:
    If I select bars with chord symbols, then only the notes - and not the chord symbols - are selected. I can do via mouse, but if you’ve got overlapping notes between bars at the end of one system and the beginning of a new system, it’s disgusting, because I can’t move on the selection by the arrow keys. (SIB selected notes and chord symbols automatically!!) As you can save a lot of time by doing copy and paste in music, it surely will be a nice feature for the next update to make Dorico behave like SIB at this point :wink:

  2. Halion Piano:

I’ve made the most simple personal preset for my work: Just a piano system with some bars added.
When I start it, a warning appears "cannot locate… (see screenshot)
When I finish Dorico, the next warning appears (see screenshot)

I really did reinstall HALION a few times - the result: after reinstalling everything is fine for exactly the first booting.

The 2nd boot leads me to the prob mentioned above!

Help - I need somebody’s help… (Thnx Lennon/McCartney :smiley: )



In answer to your 1.:

It used to be possible to select chord symbols when selecting notes. This behaviour was changed because it made it very easy to change or delete chord symbols when pasting over existing material (with existing chord symbols). This isn’t an apparent problem if you only have chord symbols showing in one part, but if you have them showing above multiple players you’ll see that if you change one chord symbol, they update in all other players automatically.

In Sibelius if you copied over existing chord symbols in one stave it was very obvious, because the staves above and below wouldn’t change.

In Dorico you can of course use your mouse to perform a marquee selection (which is easiest in Galley view) or select all and filter chord symbols.