Dorico 1.2 Update

Hello Everyone,

The new Dorico 1.2 update downloaded and installed here on Windows 10 perfectly without any hitches at all.

Another huge update with impressive new features and a very impressive list of fixes.

Congratulations to the team on your hard work and thank you, it is much appreciated.

Very best wishes,


Wow, just wow! You guys keep making my life so much simpler. The amount of features and improvements you make is impressive. The quality of the features and improvements, though, is mind-blowing.

I recommend all users to read through the version history document. You will find a lot of new stuff that is easy to miss otherwise. The quality of this documentation is also incredible.

I was happily surprised to find the inclusion of modal chord symbols. Excellent!

At this point, we could probably mark several thousands of threads in the forum as ‘fixed’ or ‘implemented’. Truly amazing. At this point, Dorico is 99% fully featured for me. Everything that comes in the future will be a bonus. Keep up the good work, and be super proud of yourself!

I agree with Anders.

Still I have two things to say right now, apart from a huge THANK YOU.
When I installed it, I had to restart my mac in order to make the install work properly — I admit I did not quit from Dorico before starting the update process, and this somehow messed with the e-licenser. Only with a proper restart could the update be done.
Second thing : I do not have the W shortcut that toggles from score to part… and cannot find the right line to change in the shortcuts editor. Help ? (this W shortcut was attributed to a zoom in function, which I just deleted)

This might help you, Marc

Thanks, Anders, I’ve seen that. Actually, having a french keyboard, I had to remap many things (such as rhythm duration, because in french, to have the numbers, we have to press shift, and it is really faster to change those to the same key without shift). This is why I am reluctant to reset the shortcuts.

After update I had to restart the computer because the fonts for note heads etc were messed up. But restart fixed it as Daniel suggested in another thread about messed up Bravura.

Sorry Robert. A restart would not help me : the shortcut W was already given to zoom in, then could not be “toggle between full score and part”. This is the line I am looking for in the preferences…

Nevermind, I ended resetting the keyboard shortcuts, and re-entered the non-shifted numbers as note length value, and the accents with shifted numbers. It might be a good idea to implement it that way from scratch, in the fr.json file…

Marc, it should have been easy for you to find Window > Counterpart Layout (or whatever it is in French, I confess I haven’t looked at that particular translation) in the Key Commands page of Preferences. Sorry you ended up trashing your key commands and starting again.

per another Thread I posted in/ The Dorico update not only improved my cursor movement (it’s extremely clean and responsive now), but it sounds like it has also cleaned up some of the faster combos of third party articulations I’ve been using.


Nevermind, Daniel, it’s been a matter of a couple of minutes. But I really think you might consider that french numbers thing :wink:
The french name (honestly I could not guess what THAT could mean !) is “disposition de contrepartie”