Dorico 1 and Mac OS Big Sur 11.7.10

A non-Dorico problem prompted me to upgrade to OS 11.7.10 on a 2014 Mac. I have always just used Dorico 1, which now I cannot open since the OS upgrade. But after reading posts I don’t think I should get Dorico 5 because it will not work on Big Sur! What should I do? Thanks, -Chuck

Dorico 5 should work fine on Big Sur - that’s what my MacBook is running. What specific problem with Big Sur are you concerned about?

According to Steinberg’s System Requirements page, Dorico 5 runs on Catalina (10.11), Big Sur (11), Monterey (12) and Ventura (13).

Dorico 1 was extremely limited; I’m surprised you were never tempted by any of the features in v2, 3, 4 and 5. You’ll need to catch up on the huge list of things you can now do with the program.

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Thanks Richard! So if I buy Dorico 5, will my Dorico 1 files automatically transfer to it and function normally?

Yes. You’ll get an alert (which you can turn off in Preferences) telling you that the project file was created in an earlier version; but once you’ve saved in it D5, then it’s up to date.

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You have nothing to lose at least in trying the Dorico Pro 5 trial version for 60 days:


I got it and my old files appeared, no problem. However I’m not getting any sound on playback- I know others in the forum have dealt with this-

Did you install all of the required sound content along with the trial version of Dorico itself? Does it warn you when you start Dorico 5 that any sound content is missing?

Check to make sure your mixer faders have not set themselves to -∞, and also try reapplying the Playback Template from the Play menu.

I’ll check this in the morning, but I did not get a warning; the only file I did not download was Indain music. Thanks Derek also.

I understand you mean -∞, but it’s better to be precise on this. 0 (dB) would actually be a perfect value. :wink:

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Also, check what the output is set to in Edit > Device Setup.

Thank you, Marc; I should have known that.
I have edited my post to make the correction.

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How do I discover whether I have downloaded al of the required sound content?

Dorico 5 will warn you when you start the app if it thinks any sound content is missing. If you run Dorico 5 and it arrives at the Hub window without complaint, then you should be OK!

So I did not have a warning, but I still have no sound when I playback-

Have a look in Edit > Device Setup and check that you have an appropriate audio output device chosen there.

I have built-in audio output

For whatever reason, it might also be worth attempting to re-apply your playback template. If nothing happens, you can always just close the document without saving so that nothing is changed.

Also worth trying to create a brand new project, e.g. based on the Solo piano template, and add a few notes. Do you hear any sound in that project?