Dorico 1 and Mac OS Big Sur 11.7.10

I tried that, still no sound-

Please choose Help > Create Diagnostic Report in Dorico and attach the resulting zip file from your desktop to a reply here.

I have done that now
Dorico (316.4 KB)

You’re still running Dorico 1.2, is that right? We recommended earlier in the thread that it would be worth trying the Dorico 5 trial version.

I downloaded the Dorico trial version and I thought I was running it but I looked and it turns out I am indeed on Dorico

You should see a Dorico 5 icon in your Applications folder. Try double-clicking that.

ok did that, and followed prompts about activation; then when I tried to open Dorico elements 5 I got a message: audio engine process died

Make sure you’re not running two versions of Dorico at the same time!

Yes, indeed, you may need to now quit Dorico 5 and Dorico 1, and then run Activity Monitor to make sure that all the Dorico processes, and also the process called VST Audio Engine, are no longer running; if VST Audio Engine still shows as running, please quit that (select it in the list of processes and then click the circled X button in the toolbar of Activity Monitor). Then try running Dorico 5 again.

I checked the activity monitor, nothing showed, Dorico or VST; I relaunched Dorico 5 and got “audio engine died” message

Perhaps we should try a screen sharing session to try and sort this out. I’ll send you a private message here on the forum.

Thanks , I’d like that but I have to go out for a while. I’ll let you know when I return. Thanks, -Chuck

Daniel, My day got busy and so I hope we might try the screen share tomorrow Tuesday- I’ll check in with you 9:30-10 AM, thanks, -Chuck

Here it is Thursday morning- finally I have time to do a screen share with you Daniel if you have time, thanks, -Chuck

I’ll be available 3-5 EDT for screen share if that works-

Hello Daniel!

I took advantage of the recent free download for Dorico 5 pro, with the new sounds, etc. I have made a new file since then but there is no sound when I play it back, and I get a message saying no license found for Halion 7. And I have not been able to discover how to find my license, or perhaps I need a new one.

I hope you may be able to help me solve this problem!


-Chuck Holdeman, Philadelphia, USA

Sorry to hear you’ve had problems. You don’t need a separate license for HALion Sonic 7 – everything is taken care of by your Dorico Pro 5 license. I can see that you successfully activated Dorico Pro 5 on 25 December, so hopefully whatever’s wrong is not too serious. In the project that you’re not getting any playback, please try choosing Play > Playback Template and re-applying the default playback template. Does that restore playback?

I did not see an option to choose default playback- there are various iconica sketch options, but choosing them did not enable me to hear playback.

If you start a brand new project from the Solo piano template and add a few notes, do you hear the notes as you input them, and do you hear anything during playback?

Hi Daniel, thanks for this. I did as you suggested and the answer is no sound.