Dorico 1 AND or 2?


I downloaded the upgrade to V2, half-expecting V2 to overwrite V1. Now I have both versions side-by-side.

Are members keeping both versions “for safety”, or, have you removed V1?

I’ve got both, just for safety. I have a couple of big projects that date from Dorico 1.1.10 (or thereabouts) that involved a whole host of dodgy workarounds, and they don’t display correctly in Dorico Pro 2. I know that the composers/publishers will want further tweaks to the files in future, and I’d rather have the option of making minor changes within Dorico 1.2, as fixing in Dorico 2.2 could take a fair bit longer.

I expect that my situation is somewhat unusual, though - the projects I’m thinking of are multiple flows each, with scores that are 150+ pages long.

I suppose if you are scared of what automatically updating your projects to a new version might do to them, it’s worth keeping it in the short term. Pianoleo’s strategy of “never upgrade half way through a big project” makes sense.

Unless you are really pushed for disk space, it’s not very big anyway so it doesn’t cost much to keep it.

But once you get used to all the new features in V2, you might find it hard to use V1 for anything non-trivial. Also V1 is totally “frozen,” so if you hit a problem, or upgrade your PC or OS and it stops working, then it’s most likely “game over”.

I’ve removed it. (Files launching the wrong app or loading into the wrong version is a personal annoyance.) I have the installer file in an archive, should I need it, but for most purposes, upgrading documents and taking advantage of the new features is … well, the way forward.

There have been plenty of major improvements in point updates (which update the document format); and point updates don’t create new instances of the app, but modify the existing copy.
I’ve had to make modifications to documents for the new features in 2.2, but these are welcome improvements that remove workarounds.

Yeah! I’ve had the same experience with other programmes. I go the long way, and open the file from within the programme.

I deleted V1.

Thanx, for the responses, everyone! :wink: