Dorico 1 user, license spontaneously broken?

Hi all,
After a few months without scorign projects, I find I am totally unable to get my copy of Dorico to load. Claims expired license, is asking for an activation code. I’ve tried to run the Steinberg download manager, to no avail. Any thoughts?

Did you ever purchase a full license or just ever used the trial version? Upon purchasing you receive a so called activation code which you type in at the eLicenser Control Center. That in turn downloads the license and you shall be able to run Dorico.
Open the eLicenser Control Center application and check what license(s) it does list on your system.

If you need to reactivate your existing license, you should be able to do so by going to MySteinberg and clicking the big red ‘Reactivation’ button to get a new activation code. More details here.

Full purchase, thanks. I’ll try the reactivation.