Dorico 2.1.1 crashed printing/exporting graphic

I had 2 files open. I wanted to try to check the graphic output. The file that I had been working on, I went to Print Mode, tried printing/exporting a page range. After typing the last page of the page range (from 16 to 1 - I just wanted to export page 1), Dorico crashed.

Here are the files… I zipped each up so they will need to be unzipped.

Dorico (462 KB) (6.1 KB)
Dorico (22.6 KB)

Unfortunately this kind of crash is not impossible to find in Dorico, but it’s quite difficult for us to pin down. The problem is that the rendering of the print preview is done in another thread to try to keep the UI responsive, and when you type into the page range edit controls and Dorico starts to try to process your request to see a different set of pages, in certain timing-dependent circumstances, Dorico trips itself up while it’s in the middle of trying to update the preview and process a change in page ranges, and it crashes. This is on our radar and something we certainly intend to fix in future.