Dorico 2.1 breaks multi-output device

I can no longer either select a multi output device or if it does eventually select, then I get no sound. When it doesn’t connect I need to force quit the app and then reset my machine to get any sound on any device to work.

Someone please explain to me the benefits of the Steinberg audio engine. Every iteration I end up fighting with this thing to make sound work. This current version is the worst one ever as far as sound is concerned.

And Dorico still cannot distinguish between inputs and outputs on a device that has a common name.

What a disappointment!

I’m sorry you’re having problems, Dave. What device are you trying to use? I assume the change to allow you to choose which pair of outputs to use in Edit > Device Setup is somehow responsible for this problem. Do the outputs show up correctly? (Obviously we have tested this with the multi-output devices we have available to us here in the office, and it’s been OK, as it has also for our beta testers.)

I’m trying to use AirPods. This are bluetooth headphones. So as discussed elsewhere on this forum, I have been using a Audio MIDI Setup multi output device which is essentially putting a core audio wrapper around the Steinberg audio engine and allows one to choose one of several devices. But in 2.1, Dorico is either hanging (spinning beachball), or acts like it connects and then cannot produce sound on either device (built-in or AirPods)

The only way to get sound back is to put away my AirPods, reboot and choose the built-in sound device.

Somewhere I read two versions ago that the bluetooth problem was supposed to be fixed in the 2.0 update. But then it never happened. And now it is even worse.

The devices all show up in the list. The AirPods do also, but there is both an input and an output with the same name and it is not possible to choose the output. It finds the first device (which is the input).

OK, so I made some progress. I have two machines, one with macOS High Sierra, one with macOS Mohave beta.

I am able to get the AirPods working on both machines after quite some experimentation. The High Sierra machine only shows the AirPods outputs in the Dorico device list. So this version of the OS seems OK. The Mohave machine shows both the input and output in the Dorico device list. And I can only select 48KHz in the multi output device for the AirPods on Mohave. I can select 44.1KHz or 48 KHz on High Sierra.

Anyway, I’m going to report this discrepancy to Apple and chalk this up to an OS incompatibility for now.

The multi-output device at 44.1KHz was working fine in the previous version of Dorico. So I don’t understand that issue. There seems to still be something in Dorico that is not quite right.

FWIW, Multi-output devices seem to work here on High Sierra with Dorico. I’ve not got any Bluetooth stuff, though.

Yes, I am able to get it to work in High Sierra. I used to be able to get it to work in Mohave. But not at the moment. It is possible that this is only an issue in the most recent beta.

I’m running 10.14 Beta and I can verify that the multi-output device (using AirPods via BT) doesn’t not work.

I don’t have 10.14, yet, but will try to find someone with it and test it out.

So I now could get my hands on 10.14 beta 8 and it does work for me. I don’t have AirPods but instead a JBL BlueTooth headset and with that one I could also reproduce the issue in the past.
Since we fixed the issue it is working fine now with me, also on 10.14 beta. I simply select the JBL in the device setup and sound does come out.

That with the aggregated device was just a workaround until our fix. Now you should just be able to select the AirPods in device setup and it should do.
If you still want to use the AirPods in an aggregated device, make sure that you leave out the built-in micophone (of the AirPods) because otherwise it won’t work anymore either.

Couple of comments on the AirPods and Beta 8 of 10.14.

  1. For some reason since beta 7 (possibly sooner) the AirPods are forced to 48kHz sample rate (instead of 44.1kHz). I don’t know why Apple did this but they must have a good reason. If you use this in a multi-out device then you need to set the builtin (and/or other enabled outputs) to 48 kHz also or the muti-out device does not work in Dorico. But if you set all the outs to the same sample rate then that works as before with the multi-out workaround.

  2. The fix for the AirPods input does not work on one of my machines. I have a 2012 MacBook Pro and a 2016 MacBook Pro. On the older machine, the fix does work. On the newer machine it still shows both input and output devices in the device setup dialog and I need to use the multi-out workaround. I don’t know why this would happen but it does. Regardless of OS. I reinstalled High Sierra on my new machine to check this and it is still a problem for that machine on that OS.

By the way, other audio apps (e.g., Sibelius, iTunes, Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X) can deal with a multi-out device with different sample rates. So it is just the Steinberg audio engine that has this problem.